Dry Brushing Benefits And How To Dry Brush Your Skin


Dry brushing is a technique that involves using a natural bristle brush to brush the skin while dry towards the heart. This is a technique that has been used for a number of years and has a great number of benefits. See below for dry brushing benefits and tips to dry brush your skin.

Dry Brushing Benefits

There are many benefits of dry brushing, although to get the full benefits, you should dry brush a few times per week.

  • Dry brushing will exfoliate dead skin cells, which means a healthier glow. Your skin will look rejuvenated and renewed. Exfoliate once or twice per week.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, which can remove toxins from the body.
  • Reduces cellulite in the body by breaking down the toxins located just beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Dry brushing can unclog your pores, which means clearer, more youthful looking skin.

How To Dry Brush

Dry brushing does have it's benefits, but if not done properly, you will not end up with those same benefits and could end up doing damage to your body if you aren't careful. Follow the tips below to begin dry brushing your skin.

  • Use a natural bristle brush that has a long handle. This way you can get to hard to reach areas without a problem.
  • Stand in your shower or in the bathtub while dry brushing to catch any skin flakes and dead skin cells. Be sure to keep your skin dry, do not wet your skin at all.
  • Begin at the bottom of the foot and start brushing in long strokes up towards the heart. Brushing towards the heart can help improve blood flow. Brushing away from the heart can cause issues such as varicose veins. Brush with a harder touch, but not too hard that you break or scratch the skin.
  • Be careful in areas that are tender, but be sure to brush the entire body. 
  • Shower after you have dry brushed your body to remove any dead skin cells that remain and shower as you normally would.
  • Pat the skin dry and do so carefully so as to not scratch your skin. It may be sensitive after dry brushing.
  • Moisturize the skin after showering to keep it hydrated. 

Dry brushing can benefit both the young and the old, and isn't specific to any gender. Dry brush your skin a couple of times per week to reap the benefits. Talk to a dermatologist, such as at Heibel Dermatology, about other benefits of dry brushing and for other information about technique.


11 February 2018

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