Confused About Vitiligo And Eczema? A Dermatological Physician May Help


Dermatological physicians have to manage a broad variety of issues with the skin, including the commonly confused vitiligo and eczema. If you are suffering from a skin problem and think it is either one of these issues, a physician can help you understand the following differences and avoid treatment errors.

Eczema Is A Painful Skin Issue

While eczema may cause skin discoloration like vitiligo, it is a much different problem. In act, it is caused by one or more of 11 different issues. When one of these skin problems develops, your skin will develop large bumps and rashes and be in great pain. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for a person to handle this problem on their own.

Unfortunately, eczema is a lifelong problem that can cause serious discomfort and person humiliation. Those who develop this condition may hope that they have the less painful or debilitating vitiligo. However, it is more likely that they have eczema. That said, it is worth knowing more about vitiligo to fully understand why it is a condition that is less problematic than eczema.

Vitiligo Affect Skin Color

Those who suffer from this disease are not developing rashes or other bruises on the skin, as they do with eczema. Instead, they are losing the color of their skin because of the loss of melanin. This chemical exists in our hair and our skin and helps to give it color. When vitiligo strikes, a person's skill will become noticeably whiter.

There won't be any type of discomfort or pain in these areas. They will simply lose their color and look different than they did before vitiligo struck. Compared to a skin condition like eczema, it is nowhere near as serious, troubling, or painful. As a result, it is usually easier to get it treated without serious issue. That said, it is also a lifelong problem that can cause great personal pain.

Treating These Disorders

First of all, your doctor will take a look at your skin to decide which issue is affecting you. The confusion you might feel about these conditions can be easily cleared up by a medical professional. If they decide that it is vitiligo, they will go through treatments such as coloring, light therapy, and even anti-inflammation creams, as these have been shown to return some color to your skin. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for vitiligo.

However, if it turns out that you have eczema instead, you will go through a very different treatment. The more painful eczema often takes a little longer to diagnose and can appear and disappear at various points. Topical treatments may help decrease its occurrence and its spread, but like vitiligo, it will never go away completely.

So if you aren't sure what kind of dermatological issue is affecting you, talk to a medical office like Florida Dermatologic Surgery & Aesthetics Institute. These specialists will help manage your confusion and get you the high-quality skin treatment you need to stay healthy. 


21 March 2018

Keeping Your Wits About You When You Have Skin Problems

It is never fun to wake up and notice a brand new skin issue, but unfortunately, that's what my sisters and I were up against a few years ago when we all realized we had the same skin disorder. It was ugly, it was embarrassing, and it wasn't going away, which really made us wonder if we could continue to go on. We began thinking about ways to resolve the problem, and it occurred to us that we should work with a dermatologist. We met with a medical professional who had a lot of experience in the field, and it was amazing to see how great the results were. Check out this blog for more information.