Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Can You Find Relief From These Painful Skin Bumps?


If multiple painful bumps show up in your armpits, you could have hidradenitis suppurativa. Hidradenitis suppurativa, or acne inversa, is a condition where small bumps develop deep within your skin. The condition can reoccur or get worse without dermatology treatment. Here are facts about hidradenitis suppurativa and how you can treat the painful skin condition. 

What's Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa is recurrent skin condition that forms in areas of the body that use sweat and oil glands to protect your skin, such as your groin and armpits. Bumps can also develop between your thighs and buttocks, as well as beneath your breasts. It's even possible for you to develop hidradenitis suppurativa bumps around your anus.

When the bumps first appear, they resemble small pimples. But as the bumps grow larger and move deeper into the skin, they take on the appearance of cysts, boils, and blackheads. These can cause great pain once they form.

Some people experience multiple bumps in their skin. The bumps may form tracts below the skin called tunnels. The tunnels can form openings or "heads" that allow foul-smelling pus to leak to the surface of your skin. Although the pus isn't contagious, it can still affect your self-esteem and confidence.

You can self-treat your bumps with over-the-counter antibacterial soap and ointment. However, the treatments may not be enough to keep the bumps from reappearing in your skin. To treat your skin condition properly, see a dermatologist.

Can You Successfully Treat Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

A dermatologist can prescribe stronger treatments for your bumps. The treatments often include medications that treat the bumps at the source, such as oral antibiotics and skin creams. The medications may also close up the tunnels beneath your skin. Tunnels can fill up with pus and form new bumps in the skin.

A doctor may also examine your oil and sweat glands to see if they have any problems. If hair or bacteria travel inside the glands, they can become infected. A dermatologist may instruct you to avoid shaving your armpits or groin area to keep your glands clear. You may also need to shower regularly to keep your skin free of sweat and bacteria.

It's important to monitor your skin regularly for hidradenitis suppurativa. If your bumps return, contact a dermatologist immediately. You may need to try additional treatments to control the bumps. 

If you want to learn more about treating hidradenitis suppurativa, contact a skin speciliast today, or visit websites such as http://www.eastcarolinadermatology.com.


5 April 2018

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