How Botox-Injected Treatment Relaxes Your Bladder's Detrusor Muscle And Prevents Urinary Incontinence Problem


Urinary incontinence is a bane on your lifestyle. Under normal circumstances, your brain communicates with your detrosur bladder muscle and alerts the muscle to squeeze when it's time for you to urinate. The problem is that sometimes the detrusor muscle squeezes prematurely and does so because that's what your brain says must be done immediately. Caught unawares by the brain's message, your bladder acts and sends you scrambling to get to a toilet. By the time you find a nearby toilet, you are already leaking urine and you can't stop the flow. This is not helpful to you especially when you are away from home. So injecting Botox in your bladder relaxes your bladder muscle while preventing urine spillage.

Botox for urinary incontinence

Botox for urinary incontinence is not a surgical procedure and is performed in your urologist's office. So how do you know if you're a good candidate for this type of treatment? A urodynamics test will be performed on you. This test determines whether your detrusor bladder muscle contracts inappropriately when it should be storing urine. If the detrusor muscle is not contracting properly, your physician may first try to calm the muscle with an anticholinergic drug. If the drug does not help, then a decision is made to determine whether your bladder is too small for urine storage and how much fluid your bladder holds. If your bladder size is normal, you are a candidate for the Botox procedure. If your bladder is not of a normal size, your bladder may have to be enlarged.

How Is Botox Administered?

You have two options to chose one from before treatment begins. You can choose to undergo general anesthesia or ask that your bladder be numbed with an application of local anesthesia. If your choice is general anesthesia, a telescopic cystoscopy examination of your bladder is performed. The telescopic technology allows entry through natural bladder passageways minus any incisions. A special needle is passed directly through the telescope. Your bladder is carefully examined. Botox is then injected into your bladder wall via the telescopic needle.

Expectations Post Treatment

There is good news that comes right after this treatment. If you're hungry, you can eat whatever you want to eat or drink soon after you've had the Botox treatment. You will be allowed to go home the same day. You'll soon realize that your trips and urgency to get to the toilet will be reduced. No longer do you need to feel stressed about how to gingerly and comically walk to the toilet. In fact, you should not be experiencing any leakage after the treatment. About two weeks after the treatment, you'll be overjoyed to find out that maximum benefits are achieved at this point. Expect total effects to last between four and nine months. Some people require more treatments thereafter. 


3 May 2018

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